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Anyone who claims writing is easy either underestimates the process involved or overestimates his or her own abilities.

Trained writers know that producing a quality text just isn’t that simple; it takes planning, strategy, and creativity. Non-experts can also write good texts, of course, but in most cases, they need a lot more time than a professional would.

This article will tell you which types of text really benefit from the skilled hand of an experienced ghostwriter. 

Leave your important writing to a professional 

If your company doesn’t have an experienced writer on staff, you should outsource content such as press releases and blog articles to a writing service. This is even more important when it comes to assets in multiple languages.

As often as you might hear “Your English is great!” from your international business partners, your own language skills probably don’t compare to those of a native copywriter. Furthermore, a non-expert usually can’t produce the same level of quality as a trained business ghostwriter. If the quality of your content isn’t up to par, your message won’t get through.

Business ghostwriters handle the creation of texts without taking authorial credit, which is why they are in such demand among executives. By leaving your content to a professional writer, you’ll present yourself and your company in the best possible light

Seven types of copy that are best left to a ghostwriter 

Do you need presentations in English to get potential customers abroad excited about your products? Have you been invited to give a keynote at an international conference and need help writing it in English? Or is it maybe time to expand your online presence in English and you’re looking for a ghostwriter who’s well-versed in SEO tactics?

All these scenarios are common at global companies. They’re also all good reasons to hire a writing service.

Here’s an overview of the types of content that are better left to a professional writer: 

1. Company websites and profiles 

These days, global companies simply have to have an English-language website. It’s important to resist the temptation to handle this yourself or entrust it to an English-speaking employee. Web content needs to promote trust and help produce conversions, and there are a number of best practices to follow in this regard.

Meanwhile, your website also needs to prevail against its competitors online. Its content thus needs to be recognized and deemed relevant by search engines. A business ghostwriter can help you create professional texts that appeal not only to human readers, but to the likes of Google, as well. 

2. Blog articles 

Corporate blogs are a great way to increase brand awareness and attract future customers. By providing content in English, you can multiply these effects. It is, after all, the most-used language online according to Statista (at nearly 26%).

The important thing is to post blog articles that constitute unique content. This offers your target groups real value and increases your site’s relevance from a search engine perspective. Having an SEO copywriter optimize your English-language blog can also improve your Google ranking among English speakers – and your sales prospects along with it. 

3. Social media content 

With more than one-third of the world’s population is now active on social networks, companies that don’t use social media are forgoing one of the most cost-effective ways to strengthen their brand recognition.

It might seem easy enough to type out a few lines for Facebook or Instagram, but using social media for business is something else entirely. It turns out that attracting attention isn’t as easy with customers as it is with your Aunt Kathy. You need to find a ghostwriter with experience in international social media marketing who knows how to post content that draws eyes and promotes user engagement. 

4. Presentations, talks, and pitches 

When you give presentations, talks, or pitches, you want to exude professionalism. It’s about convincing others of the skills you have, after all. By relying on expertly crafted texts, you can boost your credibility. You’ll also have the confidence that comes with knowing your words – and the general tone of your presentation – will always be on point. 

5. Speeches and keynotes 

Boring speeches have lulled more than a few auditoriums into a deep sleep. Even in your native language, it’s not easy to write a motivational keynote or a compelling speech! A ghostwriter can help you write speeches in English that your audience will really respond to and remember for some time to come. 

6. Press releases and articles 

Press releases are the most commonly used medium in public relations. By writing your releases in English and distributing them through corresponding press outlets, you can drastically increase the reach of your information.

Press reports are an art form because certain conventions have to be followed. Since these can vary by country and publication, it’s a good idea to bring a professional writer on board with experience in journalism or PR. 

7. Specialist articles 

Publishing an article in an international trade journal can help burnish your reputation among your colleagues. To make sure they don’t end up snickering instead, you should have the English text itself produced by a native writer. You can then rest assured that your expertise will come across as it should to your audience. 

Reap the benefits of having a multilingual business ghostwriter 

Have you come up with some ideas on how your company could start producing better texts? If so, all you need is the right ghostwriter for your purposes!

At Lexsys, our team includes a number of different multilingual writers who can help you create professional copy for a variety of media and channels. Get in touch with us today to find out how you can use our writing service to raise your profile.

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