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How Content Can Support a Company’s Digital Transformation

Digitization offers SMEs an array of opportunities, but it can also present problems. Learn how such companies can use the right content to support their digital transformation

Read moreDigital Transformation

The Power of Words: How High-Quality Content Influences Decision-Making Processes

Content is king – and good content offers companies a variety of ways to shape how decisions are made.

Read moreHigh-Quality Content

Transcreation: A Recipe for Success in International Marketing

What is transcreation in international marketing? What is the difference between transcreation and translation? Find out more about the hot topic of transcreation in our blog.

Read moreTranscreation

Machine Translation & Post-Editing: Polished Affordability

Machine translation tools have become indispensable for many companies. With post-editing, you can make sure the results are up to your high standards.

Read moreMachine Translation

Politically Correct Language: Finding the Right Tone in Translations

Many companies are making politically correct, inclusive language a priority. We explain what you need to look out for in your international communication.

Read morePolitically correct language

Fulfilling the EU Whistleblowing Directive: Tips for Global Companies

What is a whistleblower and what do global companies need to bear in mind when implementing a whistleblowing system to fulfill the EU Whistleblowing Directive?

Read moreWhistleblower

Expertise and Soft Skills: The Many Talents of Project Managers

Find out what it takes to make a good project manager and what specific qualifications and soft skills project managers need in the translation industry.

Read moreThe Many Talents of Project Managers

Technical Translations: Tighten Up Your Technical Documentation

When preparing technical communications for international markets, the most important thing is comprehensibility.

Read moreTechnical communication

Plain Language: Rules and Tips for Creating Understandable Texts

What is plain language? What are the guidelines for making a text more readable? Learn how to simplify texts and ensure barrier-free communication.

Read moreScrabble Words

Proofreading Your Own Texts: How to Make Sure You Sound Like a Pro

Correcting a text you've written yourself isn't easy. Whether it's a thesis paper or a job application, we’ll let you in on some pro tips that will help you improve it.

Read moreLaughing boy