When nuance is key

Taglines and slogans are about more than just hard facts. They encapsulate your company’s positioning. They communicate your strategy. And they embody the qualities that set you apart from the crowd. They do all of this by appealing to people’s feelings and their sensitivity to language, inviting them to read between the lines and respond to subtle nuances. This is what determines whether your tagline engages its audience or leaves them cold. At Lexsys, we leverage our considerable knowledge and skills to tailor your brand communications to your customers and prospects.

  • Analysis of target market and target group
  • Linguistic sensitivity and expertise
  • Continuity as a basis for success 

A translation conveys the meaning of words but not the emotion. This emotional dimension is what transcreation provides. By carefully considering the characteristics of different languages as well as cultural differences, we can deliver transcreated communication that evokes the desired emotions in your readers.

Benefits with Lexsys

  • Accurately targeted communication
  • Native speakers with extensive PR and marketing experience
  • Dedicated, project-specific contacts

Examples of transcreation

  • Development of taglines and slogans 
  • Design and authoring of PR and marketing campaigns
  • Global collaboration with partner agencies 

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SAP Partner

Back in 2004, SAP translation partner Lexsys achieved the unique distinction of being named “SAP Language Services Partner of the Year.” SAP awards this title to translation partners who have demonstrated outstanding expertise across the entire spectrum. Find out more about Lexsys’ partnership with SAP and our services for the entire range of SAP products.


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