Think global, speak local!

If you want to engage customers, you must speak their language. Today’s global markets are awash with information. To make your voice heard and gain a foothold in foreign markets, you need to talk the local lingo. For more than 20 years, Lexsys has been helping major international players of all sizes get their message across to audiences the world over. 

Benefits with Lexsys

  • Uncompromising quality: Our specialist in-house translators boast outstanding academic qualifications plus years of real-world experience. What’s more, they have a long and successful record of cooperating with their carefully selected external colleagues. The resulting knowledge transfer delivers major benefits for our customers. 
  • Strictest confidentiality: At Lexsys, discretion and absolute secrecy are fundamental principles. 
  • Service you can afford: We offer you premium quality at a fair price and with flexible processing models. Your dedicated project manager will provide you with expert advice and assistance and is always on hand for you. 

Facts and figures

  • Founded in 1996
  • More than 200 in-house employees and freelancers
  • Official SAP partner
  • ISO certified
  • Member of DSAG, GALA and ELIA

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What our customers say...

»We place great value on our close partnership with Lexsys. The translators at Lexsys boast an outstanding ability to accurately target specific audiences and have an excellent grasp of Messe Stuttgart’s corporate language. This ensures that key messages for our target groups are delivered persuasively. Communication with Lexsys is friendly, considerate, and open. From receipt through to delivery, jobs are always handled quickly and professionally. And Lexsys never misses a deadline, making reliability a key factor in our relationship.«

Gudrun Richter, Senior Project Coordinator Marketing at Landesmesse Stuttgart

»Our PR agency, Sympra GmbH (GPRA) has been working with Lexsys for many years. As an agency that works with clients on messaging, communications and all aspects of PR, language is one of the most important aspects of our work. When asked to translate into various languages by our clients, we demand the highest quality from our partners: We do not only require a mere translation, we need partners to use their feeling for the language to provide scripts that are as near to the original language as possible, yet never allow the recipient to detect that they are translations. Our spectrum of services ranges from architecture to machine technology; our topics concentrate on subject matter that is complex and needs a great degree of explanation. Not only does a translator have to translate, they first have to understand the content we provide. This is the exacting quality we need from a translation agency and Lexsys has never disappointed us. Ever efficient, ever competent and ever friendly, we value their feeling for language, their attention to the finest detail and their professionalism.«

Vineeta Manglani, Unit Director at Sympra GmbH (GPRA)

»In Lexsys, we have a translation partner we can depend on for our inhouse Language Services. We are very impressed by their high-quality translations and professional project management. Lexsys are certainly masters of their trade.«

Miriam Clericò, Translation Services at gmbh

»Developed for electronic banking, payment advice notes, electronic invoices, documents and PDF files for finance and accounting, our YAMBS solutions enable any document to be posted automatically. Today, our products are available in more than 10 languages, and all YAMBS Suite products run with SAP software. That’s why it’s essential to have an expert translation agency – one that can handle all these different languages, is a certified SAP partner, and has a sound knowledge of SAP nomenclature. Since 2003, we have had an excellent business relationship with Lexsys, who not only tick all these boxes but are also fast and reliable. We’re more than satisfied with Lexsys’ adherence to deadlines and value for money.« 

Alex Fidaschek, SAP Consultant at Software4Professionals

»When it comes to developing slogans in English, targeted advertising copy, and spot-on wording for effective marketing, it takes more than good training, extensive experience, and a flair for language. These tasks call for high-precision creativity. In addition to highly professional translations, that’s exactly what Lexsys delivers – and it gives them an invaluable edge as a partner for advertising agencies.« 

Annika Schwab, Authorized Signatory at DART - Beratende Designer, Stuttgart

»Lexsys is extremely reliably, delivers outstanding quality, and never fails to meet a deadline. Lexsys can even translate the meaning “between the lines.” And whenever we have really urgent jobs, we can always count on Lexsys.«

Bernhard Ruess, Vice President Communication at Mesago Messe Frankfurt GmbH

»My function involves addressing a wide variety of subject areas and target groups. Lexsys is a partner I can depend on 100% and has a firm grasp of all the various fields. That’s not something you can take for granted, even at a high professional level, and it earns Lexsys top grades in the “mandatory disciplines.” But Lexsys also excels in the “optional events.” This is particularly evident in their translations of challenging texts such as speeches and statements, which include subtle connotations and where the character of the speaker or writer has to come across clearly. The ability to achieve this is something you can’t really put a grade on. Even a straight A wouldn’t do justice to the art of translation at this outstanding level.« 

Dr. Martina Gernold-Kunzler, IT Management Support at Roche Diagnostics GmbH

»As one of the world’s technology leaders, Schaeffler operates in an environment that is characterized by increasingly rapid development times and increasing levels of standardization and globalization, and this means that we need reliable and flexible partners. In our long-term collaboration with Lexsys, we have always benefited from an excellent standard of translation (particularly in the fields of information technology and logistics) with a good price-performance ratio as well as an exceptionally friendly and uncomplicated supplier-customer relationship.« 

Chris Ryan, Translation Services, Schaeffler Group

»We have collaborated with Lexsys on a wide range of documentation projects, often of a very technical nature. We value their reliability. We can always depend on them to deliver documentation on time and in high quality. They get a handle on the subject area quickly and always bring new expertise and ideas to the project. And their ability to gather information from stakeholders across continents and time zones means that they never fail to deliver clear and concise content. They keep the project stakeholders well-informed, which means our customers—both internal and external—are always delighted. We’re very happy to have such a trusting partnership with Lexsys, and we look forward to continuing our association together in the future.«

Melanie Fischer, Global Head of User Assistance at SAP SE

»Looking back on a relationship lasting over 20 years, Lexsys has become one of the key strategic partners of Global Translation Services at Siemens. And as this relationship has continued to evolve, so has the expertise of the translators and project managers at Lexsys. Railway engineering, medical technology, low-voltage systems and automation are just some of the areas from the Siemens product portfolio where Lexsys demonstrates its impressive translation skills into a range of European languages. Versatility, flexibility and a very sound understanding of the translation business are just a few of the qualities we admire in Lexsys. Always at hand to help in tight situations and always prepared to go that little bit further to produce outstanding results.« 

Richard Beart, Team Leader Global Translation Services at Siemens AG

»At openSAP, we deliver Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) covering a wide range of topics around SAP enterprise software, as well as hot topics from the world of IT. With nearly half a million unique learners across the globe, we rely on the profound subject matter expertise and excellent linguistic skills that Lexsys provide in creating transcripts/subtitles for our video recordings. Our learners appreciate the extremely high quality of the transcripts as a valuable aid to learning, and we in turn are delighted to partner with a company that is wonderfully professional in every single aspect of the services they offer. «

Dr. Julian Rayner, Multimedia Expert for openSAP at SAP SE

»I regard Lexsys as the expert translation partner when it comes to SAP software. Lexsys translates the entire SAP Solution Manager software and all associated user assistance deliverables. Because the translations come from a single source, consistency and quality are ensured throughout. The Lexsys translators achieve this thanks to their firm grasp of the subject matter and by asking targeted questions, which can even provide a basis for optimizing the original texts.«

Anja Pusch, User Assistance Development Architect at SAP SE