Can you automate language?

"Computers will be able to translate human language flawlessly by 1970 at the latest. But it will never be possible to defeat a human chess grand master using computer technology alone." As we now know, this predication turned out to be wrong on both counts.

High-speed tools like Google contribute to the mistaken belief that language is a commodity that can be automated. At Lexsys, we help you sidestep translation pitfalls – by adopting a rigorously methodical approach to your translations.

Benefits with Lexsys

  • 360° requirements analysis: Who is your target group? What is their knowledge level? What context will your text be published in, and in which media?
  • Commitment to collaboration: Our native-speaker translators work hand in hand with you to develop well-thought-out texts, without "translationese." 
  • Quality management: From state-of-the-art editorial tools to tried-and-trusted processes – with your dedicated Lexsys contact, you can be sure your project is in safe hands.

Our translation services

  • Software localization (user interface and user help) 
  • Corporate websites and marketing/sales material (brochures, catalogs, flyers)
  • Complex specialist literature and training materials (specialist books, manuals, articles)
  • Technical documents (operating manuals, assembly guides, user manuals)
  • Certified translations (birth and marriage certificates, job references, identity papers, degree certificates)

Simon Fry, CEO

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SAP Partner

Back in 2004, SAP translation partner Lexsys achieved the unique distinction of being named “SAP Language Services Partner of the Year.” SAP awards this title to translation partners who have demonstrated outstanding expertise across the entire spectrum. Find out more about Lexsys’ partnership with SAP and our services for the entire range of SAP products.