Perfect legal translations

Translating legal texts is a highly sensitive activity, leaving no room for maneuver in terms of expertise and attention to detail. Lexsys works with translators who meet the highest quality standards and hold the necessary certifications. This means that we provide you with translations that are watertight and honor our commitment to absolute confidentiality.

Our three promises:

  • In-depth understanding...
    ...of the different legal systems of the countries concerned – especially when it comes to legal concepts that do not exist in the target country.
  • Accuracy and precision
    Every word counts! Our translators are masters of the subtleties of legal language. After all, there’s no leeway when it comes to the right choice of words. The same is true of syntax and punctuation, which are equally crucial in ensuring that a legal text is watertight and avoids ambiguities.
  • Dual-control principle
    Quality-assured translations are a must in the field of law. That’s why your texts are always translated by a translator with special legal experience and checked in a second step by an expert reviewer. Our DIN ISO 9001 certification ensures that our processes are transparent and comprehensible. And, of course, we treat your texts with strictest confidentiality.




Benefits with Lexsys

  • Court-sworn native-speaker translators
  • Deep understanding of country-specific legal systems
  • Absolute trust: our employees are committed to secrecy
  • On-schedule deliveries even with very tight deadlines

Our services

  • Commercial
  • Regulatory
  • Corporate Governance
  • Investigations
  • Litigation
  • Contracts
  • Certified translations
  • Legal opinions
  • Due dilligence

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SAP Partner

Back in 2004, SAP translation partner Lexsys achieved the unique distinction of being named “SAP Language Services Partner of the Year.” SAP awards this title to translation partners who have demonstrated outstanding expertise across the entire spectrum. Find out more about Lexsys’ partnership with SAP and our services for the entire range of SAP products.