Marketing & PR

Your communication fingerprint – as unique as you are

Language creates identity and generates trust – trust in your products and in your company. In your mother tongue, communication is child’s play. But the moment you leave that familiar terrain, every step is an effort. Partnering with us puts you on a firm footing in the wide world of languages.

  • Extensive experience in translating PR and marketing copy
  • Authentic communication in your target language
  • Target-group-specific communication designed to hit the mark

We break down language barriers. Working hand in hand with you, we create targeted communication that meets your requirements and captures the imagination of your customers and staff alike.

Benefits with Lexsys

  • Analysis of the relevant target groups
  • Precisely tailored communication for your specific target groups
  • Global collaboration with partner agencies

Our services

  • Translation of marketing materials (brochures, flyers, newsletters)
  • Websites and website localization
  • Press releases (print and digital)
  • Corporate communications (customer magazines, blog posts)
  • Success stories

Complex challenges? No problem! Request your personal quotation by clicking above and sending us a sample document from your project as a basis for pricing.

SAP Partner

Back in 2004, SAP translation partner Lexsys achieved the unique distinction of being named “SAP Language Services Partner of the Year.” SAP awards this title to translation partners who have demonstrated outstanding expertise across the entire spectrum. Find out more about Lexsys’ partnership with SAP and our services for the entire range of SAP products.


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