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Leading-edge corporate communications and marcoms are about much more than copy alone. Image films, trailers, and product presentations are at the very heart of today’s media landscape, enabling companies to get their message across quickly and effectively. To ensure your multimedia communication appeals to an international audience, you must take various factors into account:

Should your video be subtitled, or does it need an entirely new voice track? Would a voiceover or a dubbed version be better? Does the text in your existing video also need translating? What kind of voice best matches your content?

We provide you with advice and assistance to help make sure your communication hits home – in your domestic market and farther afield.

Benefits with Lexsys

  • Systematic approach: We collaborate closely with you to identify the relevant target groups and coordinate all subsequent steps.
  • Authentic communication: Consistent language and tone of voice across all corporate media.
  • Dedicated, project-specific contacts: This is how we ensure consistently high quality standards.

Our multimedia services at a glance

  • Authoring and translating voiceover copy
  • Hiring native voiceover talent
  • Transcribing and subtitling videos (spotting, translation, and production)
  • Editing and producing audio recordings

Karina Arzumanova, Project Manager

Any questions about multimedia? Contact us today.

+49 711 228 59 45

SAP Partner

Back in 2004, SAP translation partner Lexsys achieved the unique distinction of being named “SAP Language Services Partner of the Year.” SAP awards this title to translation partners who have demonstrated outstanding expertise across the entire spectrum. Find out more about Lexsys’ partnership with SAP and our services for the entire range of SAP products.


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